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Winning political points is not the same as developing the elements for policy progress.
BAA understands the difference.

Bledsoe & Associates (BAA) is a strategic public policy firm specializing in national and global communications on tax and federal budget policy, energy, natural resources and climate change, among other issues.  Its clients include leading philanthropic foundations, major universities, Fortune 500 corporations and leading Washington think tanks and NGOs.

In our era of extreme political partisanship, it is increasingly difficult to develop and implement communications strategies that can appeal to key constituencies and policymakers of both parties.  Yet this is often precisely what is required to move major policy debates and set the stage for policy action.  BAA has long experience working with senior policymakers from both major parties, crafting strategies that emphasize common ground frequently overlooked in the midst of overheated rhetoric.

Equally, however, the partisan divide sometimes creates an illusion of policy parity when the facts support one view or another.  Creating strategies that highlight such disparities in a manner that incubates progress rather than assures gridlock is BAA’s specialty. Winning political points is not the same as developing the elements for policy progress.  BAA understands the difference.

Key issues of expertise include:

  • Tax and budget policy – implications of fiscal cliff, likely elements of tax reform, impact of budget reform on economic competitiveness, entitlements, health care, energy;
  • Energy policy – federal energy technology investments and incentives, efficiency measures, regulation of shale gas development, grid and utility regulation, oil policy;
  • Climate change – key U.S. regulatory issues, legislative approaches, climate impacts and consequences, tax implications, int’l climate negotiations, non-CO2 climate pollutants;
  • Natural resources – oil and natural gas development on public lands, hard rock mining, U.S. and international fresh water issues, oceans policy.

Bringing together unique policy, political and media experience in the White House, Senate, House, Cabinet Departments and private sector, BAA provides clients tailor-made strategies to shape debates and influence policy outcomes.  BAA anticipates major policy dynamics far in advance, designing strategies that set the terms of key policy debates rather than reacting to them.


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